7 May 2016

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I am a sophomore in a liberal arts college, major in classic, my lessons in this semester are most about philosophy, such as Aristotle, Descartes and Chinese philosophies like neo-confucianism. 
In my spare time I love to immerse myself in a good book. The majority books I read are on literature. My favorite writer is Haruki Murakami,I also read the poems of Jorge Luis Borges and Pablo Neruda. 
I like outdoor activities as well as reading. Cycling and climbing are what I do mostly in my hometown. During holiday, I travelled a lot. I had visited many places in China before, and I plan to travel to USA this year , for this plan, I am preparing my visa application this days, and worrying about the visa interview! Do you guys have any suggestion for me?
Sorry for my poor English and thanks for your correction.
does this sound natural?


English (US)

English (US)

Simplified Chinese (China) Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

Simplified Chinese (China) Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
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