12 Aug 2017

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Please, help me correcting this text. I'm starting a journal to improve my skills.

Hi, guys, this is my first post here on the blog, first of all, I want to introduce myself. I'm a 24 years old guy who was born in Portugal in Abril, 25, 1993. I'm living in São Paulo Brazil since I was 14. I never care to learn English when I was younger, I was very lazy to learn languages. Two years ago I changed my mind and started to learn English by myself, that was the smartest decision I've made in my life, before that decision I tried a lot of differents schools here in Brazil, nothing worked properly to me, looks like I'll never be more than a basic English student if I don't change my habits. I decided to study English by myself two years ago, I said to myself: I need to study English every day for, at least, 2 hours, then I started a circle that shows that it is working very well for me.

On this blog, I will show you my experiences learning English as a second language. I'm sure that my trajectory on learning English can be very helpful for people that are doing the same. A lot of things that I'll share with you are FREE. This blog is non-profit, it means that everything you read here will never have an affiliate link or plurieditorial (paid post), just my experience!

On the Blog I will tell you a lot of things that helped me in this journey. I think that the problem in the world is that people are not use to share knowledge, a lot of people like to feel superior by their knowledge. I want to share what I learn and with that improve my english.

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