12 Aug 2017

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We can't get bored anymore. Shopping while waiting for the subway.

From Korea to Madrid virtual shopping at stops and in airport.

MADRID. What can we do while waiting for the subway? We can read. We can watch advertisement. We can listen to music. Perhaps, we can think about our own business or tell it to someone else through our phone, SMS or e-mail. For many of us the time we spend waiting or travelling has become a room for compensate for office worries and home worries. That, is a useful break of boredom that risks to disappear, offered on the altar of speed and time optimization. Probably, soon it will be possible to shop on the subway. Farewell boredom, farewell time lost, and also farewell relax. But how? There'll be someone ready to reproach us. You came home on the subway and didn't buy milk??

We will shop on tens of well-enlighted shelves full of colours. Shelves will be fake and virtual. We will just save the product code on a special application on our smartphone and ask to send it home.

Detergents, eggs, milk, fruit and pata negra, just like in any supermarket. Products will arrive with just some extra charges for home delivery, as it already happens with online shopping.

does this sound natural?

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