24 Aug 2017

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Question about English (UK)

Is here anybody who is happy with reading this whole sentences for me ~? I want to know how to pronounce, how to read naturally! It's quite long but if you are happy with recording it ... :)

" When Luke was barely two years old, he developed extraordinary awareness of dinosaurs. This awareness was unusual not only for the ardent nature of his interest, but also because of the boy's age. It all began in Luke's preschool. His teachers introduced the children to a set of dinosaur models, which Luke promptly scrutinized. On the drive home from school, he regaled his mother with tales of triceratops and tyrannosaurus and velociraptor. She decided to stop at the near bookstore to procure a few dinosaur picture books he might enjoy. Enjoy? He simply devoured them. As his mother read to him, Luke contemplated then miracle of creatures so different from those he knew. It soon became obvious that Like's love of dinosaurs would endure. Anything with a dinosaur pattern elicited from Luke expressions of sheer glee,,,,

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