29 Aug 2017

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Is there anything I should change in my passage. Thanks a lot for reading.

My beautiful holiday in Turkey ended a week ago. I woke up early on the day of departure and walked along the beach. Then I sat on a bench by the sea and watched some children swimming. I was thinking about my unpleasant life in London and the responsibilities I had. The thought of returning from my holiday was frustrating. I asked myself, "Do I really have to leave this fantastic town and go back to London?" I had a strong desire to stay longer. But how? What about accommodation, food and money? How could I survive?
A good-looking, older, local man came and sat next to me as I was wondering about all of this. He greeted me and began to read his newspaper. I decided to ask the man for his opinion of employment in the area, and I said, "Sorry for interrupting, but are you from this town?"
The man nodded in approval with a warm, smiling expression on his face.
I continued, "I am an English man from London. I’ve been staying in Marmaris for a week, and I’ve been charmed by the marvellous sea and nature. I, therefore, fancy to settle down here. However, I am in need of a suitable job. Do you think I might have an employment opportunity here?"
The old man asked me whether I had a working visa or not. I said I didn't have it.
He took off his glasses, stared at my face and said, "In this case you are not allowed to work in a paid job, but that is only the official ruling. You can still find employment in the area if you agree to work unofficially. I have a friend who is looking for a gardener to employ in his orchard. Would you think about it?"
My answer was quick and short: "Yes"
The man drove me to a triplex house which was surrounded by a very large orchard with lots of different fruit trees in it. There was a nice swimming pool and a small cottage for the gardener on the grounds. I was introduced to the landowner with whom I had a short conversation about the daily work and responsibilities. The salary he offered wasn't high but enough to survive. I agreed to everything, packed my things up from the hotel and came to my new home.
Now it seems that a gorgeous life has just started for me. In a short time, I hope I will get used to my new work and home. The gardener’s cottage is very cosy, the brilliant beach is only a few kilometres away, and I have a bicycle for transportation. My dreams have finally come true.

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English (UK)

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