11 Sep 2017

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Bitcoin is now over $4,000. When it was about $2,000, I opened my account for bitcoin. I thought it would be efficient for exchanging currency like yen to dollars. I had trouble with opening the account in Japan while I was in US, so I gave up using it. I learned later that exchanging cost was not cheap even if I use bitcoin. There was another reason I gave up using it. I read a blog criticizing the virtual currency. It explained that the virtual currency was not valuable enough to keep its worth. Technology of it was not so difficult and everyone can copy the business idea. The price was going up because people were gambling with it. If so, the price would go down drastically after the gamblers lost their interest on that investment. So I decided I would not participate in having bitcoin. One of my old friend introduce bitcoin n to me recently. I said strongly that we cannot invest on bitcoin, it is gamble. Of course I have some feelings of regret. My investment were more than double if I got bitcoin some months ago. does this sound natural?

Please give me some examples if there is any way to say naturally.
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