12 Sep 2017

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The article focuses on the role and value of poles in the musical life of Novonikolaevsk–Novosibirsk in the period from late XIX to the 80s years of the XX century, marked by both bright and tragic events in the life of the Polish Diaspora.
On the pages of various publications on the history of the Siberian Polonia, the authors often noted the special contribution of the poles in the cultural development of the region; there are also scattered references of musical activities of poles in Siberian cities. Particularly the scattered and fragmented nature of the information were the reason for writing this article which, in essence, is an attempt to create a holistic view of musical and educational activities of the Polish intelligency by example of Novonikolaevsk–Novosibirsk.
The article is based on material received from various sources: monographs, theses, periodicals, scientific articles, etc. Of particular value were the materials of personal archives because they often contain unique and rare information that shed light on the details of certain historical events.
Keywords: poles in Siberia, Siberian Polonia, Polish exiles in Siberia, the history of Novonikolaevsk–Novosibirsk, the musical life of Novonikolaevsk–Novosibirsk, musical culture of Siberia.
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