13 Sep 2017

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Although controversial, it is said that parents could be the best teachers ever by some people. However, based on a couple of examples and reasons I have, I am highly opposed to the idea considering parents to be the greatest teachers.
First of all, since parents are likely to appear to be emotionally attached to their children, they tend to lack the point of view about how to educate their kids in objective ways.
To put it concretely, teaching from parents will bring out emotional rages to either parents or their children, often followed by scolding and constant frustration to each counterpart.
Second, due to varying socioeconomic backgrounds, it is apparent that not all parents are qualified to teach their children as some of the parents don't have academic degrees at all.
If those with low education teach children, children will be left to learn inadequate contents of knowledge by any means.
does this sound natural?

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English (US)

English (US)
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