14 Sep 2017

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36 Could you check and correct my English?

What I did today 36
I slept in till noon today. First I had lunch and headed to gym. It was gonna be leg day today but I've had a strange sensation in my left leg so I can't perform as usual. I usually start with squat with heavy weight and secondly work hamstring with heavy weight. Then I work with machine but today I skipped first and second workouts and started with machine workouts. I kept in mind that i work with high reps and light weight not to make my leg worse. After that I worked calf. I hadn't work calf but I've come to know how important the calf muscles is. I'm gonna enter a contest of bodybuilding next summer. Calfs are some of important parts as a bodybuilder so I've been working them regularly.
It's gonna be chest day, my favorite workouts at school gym. I do it with two of my friends. One of them has just started workouts recently so I'm so excited to let him know how to do it.

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