20 Sep 2017

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How did you react on the invitation to play with Robert De Niro?
Anne: When I was invited to the audition, I was very happy and frightened! I was so afraid of missing this role: it's too good, you know. Robert De Niro is one of my favorite actors.
Elle: But it looks like you are still nervous.
Anne: I like it very much, to work with people I admire for a long time. You have to be a complete fool to be next to De Niro and learn nothing! But what impressed me the most was his respect for people.
Elle: I see but have you ever encountered a generation problem?
Anne: All my best friends are 20-30 years older than me! When you need good advice, whom will you ask? Obviously you will ask someone who lived longer and saw more.
Elle: let's walk through the corners of your memory. Do you, for example, remember your first earnings?
Anne: I was 13 years old, I played a role in the crowd scene, and I got 50 dollars for 13 weeks of work!

Elle: You were obviously underpaid! What did you spend this money on?

Anne: On new pants! I called my mother and said that I plan to buy very expensive leather pants. She replied: "Oh, my dear, this is such a serious decision ..." By the way, these pants are still hanging in my closet. Even now I spend all the money for shopping.

Elle: you are a real fashionista!

Anne: I like things that make me feel comfortable and chic. I love fashion magazines and shows, but I'm definitely not in the same league with the Olsen sisters. Although they inspire me.

Elle: Speaking about the movie, I think that our viewers are interested to know, have you ever been an intern?

Anne: I happened to be an intern at Christie's - all to prepare for the role in the film "The Devil Wears Prada". I think the experience of an intern depends on the place where you worked. I was lucky: I saw beautiful works of art, talked with interesting people

Elle: Jules, your character in «The Intern», is very successful: she and the boss, and mom, and wife. But she’s very lonely. Have you ever experienced something like this?

Anne: Uh ... Recently I gave a performance on Broadway and I played alone on the stage of the theater for 75 minutes. To be honest: I was pretty lonely there, but it was a great success! In general, I was very lucky: I have friends, a husband with whom we decided to go through this life together. I felt much more lonely when I was younger, but then I did not know myself as well

Elle: I’m glad that you feel happy. And the last question for today: why people should see the movie?

Anne: The movie teaches us that it's never too late for something to learn, what to strive for, to dream about something and achieve something. This movie teaches us not to drive ourselves into the age range, to think positively, to learn from each other, whether you are 5 or 75 years old.

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