30 Sep 2017

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Hi, could anyone please check my errors in that article? I know it's long but I really need this ;D

Have you ever thought about how do plastic bags affect our environment? Many people have no idea about concequences realted with using them. They impact on a habitat in a serious way.
Last week local pro-ecological organization organized protest against using plastic bags. This event shook the city. It was the reason of rising recycling in our city.
Plastic bags get into soil and slowly decompossite produting toxic chemicals. Decompossition may lasts for 1000 years! But before it happens, animals eat them and often choke and die. Birds, seals and mainly turtles are killed every year as they often mistake plastic bags for food as jellyfish. Plastic bags can't be digested so it stays in the gut, it can lead to a very slow and painful death.
As pastic bags can take up to 1000 years to break down, after animal dies, the plstic in then freed back into marine environment and killing ther wildlife. And conversely, dead whale thrown ot by the sea, with stomach filled with plastic bags causes damage to land areas.
The petroleum and the gas that is used to create plastic bags in a limited resource. But a bigger problem is the number of plastic bags that we consume globally. The current research are 1 Billion of plastic bags all over the world.
There's? a solution of this problem? We would take bags to the recycling points or throw it to the bins destined for plastic, but actual data shows that only 1% of all plastic bags are recycled, with most heading fr landfill or our oceans.
Many people think that paper bags are good solution to help environment, but they're not. They are actually really economical, only if they are made from recycled paper products. Thay are cutting down trees as well. To be honest, they're really not much better than plastic bags.
The one right option to stop produce huge pollution in multi-use bag. 'Eco bags' are usually ethically made and they're re-usable. This is the only good alternative.
The sad thing is that this is impossible to fully avoid sad concequences, but if we got rid of ane tiny habit, we could change the world.

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