4 Oct 2017

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56.Could you check and correct my English ?

What I did Today. Day56(pct 4)
I got up 5:30AM to take first train. It was so tough. It is tough to get early but it feels good after waking up. Something funny happened today. When I was taking a train, I felt strange sensation in my left toe so took off the shoe and i found a centipede on my toe. I was so surprised. Fortunately the centipede had not bitten me. It wasn't worse I'm lucky.
After school I had to buy buss season ticket. I go to school gym to workout almost everyday but I couldn't today so I go to the gym near my home. The gym is not as good as school one but it's better than do nothing. I've just finished workout now and I'm doing cardio now. It's been two days. I usually do cardio everyday but I couldn't for some reasons.

About Tomorrow plan.
It's gonna be back day. I've increased the frequency of back workout these days. It's gonna start with lat exercise. I'm so exited.

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