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Now I'm in UK,studying logistics.One of my course in marketing and strategy,our professor demanded that our assignment is learing logs.I have done one of the tasks,but she give me the feedback that I have too many grammar mistakes,can anyone check it for me?tell me what's wrong with my writing?

1.What do you think are the biggest challenges in marketing today?
Answer:I think we could consider this question in 4 different dimensions.Firstly ,it’s about understanding the customers,and tell them the products they exactly need.Because we are living in a desire economy: The majority of people have all the things they need. So you have to ensure consumers feel they want what you have. Emotional pull is central to brand attractiveness, rather than functional product performance.(Tamar Kasriel, they Henley Centre 2003). Secondly,the advertising ,which is a process about informing and Influencing the customers,also it can be a value-adding process for your products.Customers in different stages of life and in different areas have their self-preferred advertising method.And with the development of technology,the advertising media became more digital and flexible.So focusing on different target customers you have to made suitable and creative advertisement.
The third is about pricing.Up to 80% of consumption decisions made at the point of purchase,so necessary sales promotion can be made in marketing.But in the same time,you have to make sure that you have profit when use the method.Also,there are lots of pricing methods(like captive-product pricing,product bundle pricing,competition based pricing etc.),you have to be really careful to use them.Last is about estimating current demand and future market,so you can make better plans to match the potential customers.

2.Think of a company and describe how they use environmental issues to market themselves and/or their products.

Answer:I think Coca Cola’s “2nd lives”campaign gives new life to the used bottles can be described as environmental friendly.The “2nd lives ”campaign introduces 16 re-imagined bottle caps that transform an empty bottle into anything from a pencil sharpener to a water gun.The campaign was launched in Vietnam ,where 40000 free caps are being given away with the purchase of a Coke.(

This is the picture I found in the website.Personal opinion,I think it’s a wonderful idea to design those bottle caps in different shapes,not only fit the sustainable principle,but also the design can be very attractive to children.Also,you can see Coca Cola has many brilliant and creative recycle ideas,in 2015,they have a machine which named“Happiness Arcade”to collect the used bottles,once you put an empty bottle in,you could have a chance to play a game.Their slogan is “making a case for recycling one game at a time”.
In this way they could protect the environment,advertising themselves as an environmental friendly company to attract the target customers who focus on healthy and green.

3.As a millennial customer what kinds of marketing techniques work best on you?
Answer:As a millennial customer,I’m very price-sensitive,so sales promotion works best on me.We always mentioned about loyalty,a customer can be a loyal customer to a specific brand,maybe we could named it as a kind of “emotional loyalty”,but also,I think,customers can be price loyalty,which means that they only driven by rational economic behavior.
Though I know it’s an era of consumerism,we are encouraged to buy and acquire more and more,what we have owned could be seen as a identification of who we are.For example, the “bespoke”tailored suits are the “go to”representation of modern menswear and a symbol of the elite class,to purchase one of these fine garments from any of the shops on the famous Savile Row,you’re looking at around 1000 pounds.Basically,the money you paid to buy the product is merely for the brand equity.Even Charles Revson (1967),the cosmetics magnate famous for REVLON once said:We produce cosmetics in the factory and sell hopes in the shops.
But after I realized that some of the money I paid is only for the added value endowed to products and services,I believe the good-value pricing works on me best,which offering just the right combination of quality and good service at a fair price.

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