3 Jun 2016

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About a lodge at a camping site:
If my sentences are wrong, I would like you to change them to more natural English please.
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Reservations are necessary for staying the night in the lodge.
The reception will tell you about below.

1. You should take off your shoes in front of the reception and put on the slippers when you are inside the lodge.

2. You should put your shoes in a vinyl bag that prepared around the reception, and bring your shoes on a shoe box in front of your room. After using the bag please return.

3. A restroom and drinking water supply are located outside the lodge.

4. When you are closing a door, please do slowly. Some person slap the door and it is too noisy at night.

5. It is a good idea to prepare your flashlight before lights-out time.

6. If you leave from the lodge before breakfast time, you should prepare your backpack before you go to bed. It is not good to pack the gear in the backpack and make noise in the really early morning when you stay in dormitory.

7.You can leave without checkout.
does this sound natural?

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Dutch English (UK) English (US)
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