11 Oct 2017

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Green Asparagus and White Asparagus
There are two types of asparagus in the world. One is green asparagus, the other one is white asparagus. Green asparagus is one of the popular vegetables in grocery shops, but white asparagus is not so common. Do you know the differences between green asparagus and white asparagus? As these names suggests, there are difference of color. In addition, the shape of white asparagus is thicker and more rounded than green asparagus. But they are same breed. So why this color’s and shape’s difference is happened? There are some background factors which causes these differences. Also, they have different nutrition, the best season and good way to eat.
First of all, the cultivation methods of green asparagus and white asparagus are different. Green asparagus is grown up while be exposed to the sun after germination. If is brought up naturally under the sun, chlorophyll is made by photosynthesis, and the color become bright green. Green asparagus is crisp because of the sun. On the other hand, white asparagus is piled soil about 25cm after germination. Then, it is grown up in the soil or moved to dark please in order not to sun the asparagus. Because the sun does not shine on asparagus, it cannot photosynthesize. That’s why chlorophyll is not made and it becomes white color. Sometime, white asparagus is piled before germination, and it becomes softer than usually. Even if same kind of vegetables, the color and shape of asparagus change by how to cultivate.
Second, the nutrition of green and white asparagus is also different by how to cultivate. Green asparagus is the green and yellow vegetable which has wealth of carotene. In addition, green asparagus includes a lot protein, vitamin A, vitamin B family, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and copper. Therefore, it can expect health of hair and the skin or respiratory mucous membrane reinforcement. Aspartic acid is a famous nutrition which work for relieving fatigue. By growing up with shine, green asparagus has a lot of nutrition. The nutritive value of green asparagus is really high even if compare with the other vegetables. In contrast, white asparagus does almost not have carotene because it grows up without sun. Also, white asparagus has only half of protein and vitamin B family. White asparagus is the vegetables which only enjoy special fragrance, sweetness and bitter sweetness without expecting nutritive value. However, white asparagus has half as much polyphenol which has antioxidative effect as green asparagus. Bothe asparaguses are good for body.
Finally, the best seasons and how to eat green asparagus and white asparagus is different. It is possible to eat green asparagus every season because it grows fast. There are many ways to cook the green asparagus. Baking, frying, and boiling is good way to cook it because it is hard to chew the green asparagus. On the other hand, white asparagus has the best season. May to June is the best seasons to eat white asparagus. Because it takes time to harvest and is difficult to cultivate, there is a few distribution amounts, and a price is a little high. White asparagus can be eaten fresh, so it is possible to eat it as salad.
In conclusion, there are many differences between green asparagus and white asparagus in addition to the color and the shape. These asparaguses has good point each other and it is possible to enjoy different way to eat.

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