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12 Oct 2017

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Question about Japanese

10 月 8日

一丁しゅくだいはハロウィンでデッドライン。もう一丁しゅくだいはデッドラインをまだ知らない。今日はアニメタームからなんでもすることがない。長い時間をかけて "進撃の巨人" をみた。わたしはオタクじゃないですが進撃の巨人は面白かったんです。わたしはともだしにどのアニメ日本語を勉強するかとたずねた。ともだちは進撃の巨人をおすすめた。それから、5分のいちばんエピソード過ぎにみること止めるのはできない。そして、漫画もつづけてよんだ。

Oct 8
Easy day
I have a homework due by Halloween and another presentation that don't have deadline yet. Everything was put aside when it comes to manga time~
I spent most of the day reading attack on titan. I am not real manga or anime fan. But one of my friends recommend attack in titan to me when I ask her to suggest an anime for practicing Japanese. The result is I got addict since the first 5 mins of the anime. Then I know that manga version is more extensive so I continue reading manga.

Even though, it's very short but it took me so long time to try to write this in Japanese. I know there are a ton of mistakes but I will keep trying and learning. I hope that I will be faster and more accurate as I practice.

それから、皆さん 教えてください!
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