14 Oct 2017

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Would you correct following my diary.

Today is the fiftieth day since I started writing diary.
Today, I participated in my English lesson and discuss the most famous inventor or invention in our own country with my teacher.
I cited iPS cell as the most important invention in Japan, and he cited ''Yo-yo''.
My teacher is Philippino and he said it was invented by Phillipino. I was surprised because I thought that it was invented by Japanese. In addition, he said jeepney is a symbol in Philippin. I heard it is used as the most popular means of public transportation in Philippin. I saw its picture in Wikipedia and it is so cute vehicle.
Okay it's time to wrap up this diary entry. Bye!

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English (US) Simplified Chinese (China) Near fluent

English (US)

English (US) Simplified Chinese (China) Near fluent
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