15 Oct 2017

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Would you correct following my diary?

Today is the 51st day since I started writing my diary.
Today, I discussed Starbucks coffee why my English teacher in our English lesson.
Starbucks's CEO, Howard Schultz, plans to resign his position and he will work to make a special Starbucks brand after resignation.
I seldom go to Starbucks because I can buy a coffee cheaper in the convenience store than Starbucks and I think that the coffee of the convenience store is more tasty than one of Starbucks.
And we talked about the Phiippin's coffee shop, called ''The Coffee bean shop''. I heard that it is the most popular coffee store in Philippin and it is so tasty. The brand is opened in Japan so I'm going to go there in the near future.
Okay, it's time to wrap up this diary entry. Bye!

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