22 Oct 2017

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This is my essay for bmat exam. Someone can check it?

Progress is accompanied by a man from the dawn of history. This is a succession of positives and negatives changes which are pushing a mankind to the place where we have never been before.
The problem of the progress is that it doesn't have to be favourable for everyone since it always has proud and cons. And this is why it might not always be welcomed. For example if we were decided to make a new law like everyone have to have a smartphone this would be definitely the progress. Our society could be much more modern and amplified like never was. But some people just don't want this. They can say 'maybe we will now developed, but our privacy will gone without our will '. And they would be right.
Three other problem of progress is that it forced the people to change their mind. For the nonce I use a real instance. When a slavery was abolished a lot of people never really accepted this. This required them to completely amendmented their moral fiber. This progress was too fast and suddenly. The people who grown with belief that back person is worse never figured out why this is bad. For this they felt angry and misunderstood. And this is why we have still problem with racism.
For all these reasons I am convinced that it is not possible to make the progress which might be welcomed by everyone. This will be always have advantages and disadvantages. Always some will be have different opinion. And always this will hurt someone. This all because everyone is another and this is kind of beautiful
does this sound natural?

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