24 Oct 2017

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I will be happy if you check my English 😊

Graphic Design is a trigger. To get a definition of graphic design, first, it is necessary to define design. In my opinion, designers are kinds of translators. Designers translate something which someone wants to express or tell, into something which many people can understand easily, are attracted to and want to know more about, with designer’s knowledges, experiences, ideas or senses. Especially, graphic designers are good at translating them by using typography, image and layout. Some people said that graphic designer’s main job is to carry information correctly. It is true, but it is not enough. I think that graphic design has two roles. One is conveying information. Second is getting people to have interest. At first, the main part of graphic design was carrying the information. However attracting people is very important part of graphic design in the world there are too many information.

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