26 Oct 2017

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Please check my English 😊

Just the meaning of conveying information correctly, it might is better to use headshots of singer/artist. However I guess that graphic design is not an explanatory leaflet. Graphic designers should pick out important, impressive and characteristic part from many and complicated information, then combine sense and them to got people attract to. In this album cover, I think that Yutaka K combine the elements of honeybee (because album title Hachimitsu means honeybee in English) and the atmosphere of this sound, using the logo of honeycomb’s shape and the picture which without headshots of singer/artist. That expresses the warm, wonderful and bittersweet feelings. I guess that Yutaka K is good at picking out important information and expressing the world of sound indirectly. Therefore, a lots of people want to listen to and feel the atmosphere of album cover design.

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English (US)
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