26 Oct 2017

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I would be thankful to anyone who corrects my text according to the formal and academic form.

The Fifteenth Subject: Following The Master

The human requires meeting a skilfull doctor about their physical illnesses. And when a doctor gives them a prescription, they would take it to the pharmacy at once and they do follow it without any question and complaint. The mystical traveler would be the same when getting the benefit of using the spiritual master and doctor while they undergo the spiritual illnesses. So, it is necessary for the mystical traveler who does follow what their master to knows it is correct and sensible. Otherwise, they would not improve with having doubt and uncertainty, question and complaint. The mystical traveler by passing time and improving the practical mysticism levels would understand that has been done by their master it has been appropriate. The best example, in this case, is the story of prophet Moses and his master prophet Khidr that exists in the Quran.

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