27 Oct 2017

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When I visit the dealership, the owner of the store gave me a book. The book was about customer service. I decided to read through whole book so that I can have conversations about the book with him next time we meet. I haven’t finished yet though, I found some helpful advice in the book. According to the book, customers expect what the store promised to do. The most important thing is to meet customers’ expectation. If I want to utilize that to my work, only I need to do is to tell my client or even my boss what I am going to do beforehand and just do it exactly same with my words. That’s not so tough if I don’t tell them very difficult things to achieve. However, there are few people who can do exactly what they set as a goal. That’s why it’s going to be a big difference in reputation. does this sound natural?

Please revise if there is something unnatural.
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