27 Oct 2017

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You know something? In the future we gonna meet again fortuitously. I will be the savage-smart-brilliant detective who is working on a case (your case) trying to discover who is the jealous backstabber who tried to kill you to take the Wall Street power back, your crew gonna tell you to stay in home to keep safe, you will disobey the advice of your lawyer and leave the house on your own cause you wanna figure out by yourself just because you are bold. Then you’ll be followed by the criminal,but by your luck I will find out who is the bitch right in time, and then I'll find you at the same moment in which the douche catches you, and then I’ll shoot him on the shoulder only to disarm him ,and then I will arrest him (because Judas guys deserves to suffer in jail working hard until the death) , and then save your life. does this sound natural?

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