30 Oct 2017

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can you correct me please.

Superheroes fascinate me because I find they allow me to create univers with super-vilains and identify with them. They allow me to dream about becoming a superhero. For example, I want to become Spiderman, Batman or Deadpool but also Joker, Harley Queen or Ultron. Their origins is comics. They have been discover the superheroes like Superman for DC comics, the first superheroe, or Captain America, for Marvel, use for the propaganda during Cold War like shows us the font cover of first comics. To day the films, bring back into fashion these superheroes. I like watch the development in the comics until the films. The evolution through the ages, new society, new culture. Films can enables animate these stories in comics. For exemple, storie of Captain America adapt in about 12 films, 2 video games and 8 series or Batman fit in about 15 films, 3 series and 35 video games. I love read comics, play games, watch films or series. For me these world of superheroes this is a wonderfull world of imagination that can escape the daily life and allow to dream.

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