3 Nov 2017

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Could you check and correct my English?

What I did today. Day81(nov3).
It was school festival today. I'm a member of soccer team and we set up a food booth. I needed to go to school from the afternoon so I headed to the gym in the morning. It was chest day. I started with middle chest. I wanted to bench press first but the bench was in use so I had no choice but to do dumbbell press. Basically I start with bench press when it's chest day . I think it's good for muscle to change stimulus so it was good as a result. After that I worked upper chest. I always work two parts of muscles and it takes two hours. However I had less time than as I usually do so I work only chest so I'm gonna work the part which I had to work today another day instead. Then I headed to school. I sold Frankfurt. Our booth sold well. The sales helps to run our team. This festival is gonna last two more days so we'll do our best and sell more.

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