10 Nov 2017

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Could anyone help me with this letter by correcting it?

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my interest in participating in the Erasmus work programme abroad.

I am seventeen years old, currently studiyng German, French and English at high school. I'm also preparing the German B2 linguistic certification and I already have an English B2 linguistic certification. Furthermore I am a native Russian and Romanian speaker.
I am consistent, precise, and analytic. I have a positive attitude and I am very creative as I always come up with new and original ideas. Moreover, I adapt well to different situations and people and I enjoy group work. During my one week stay in Germany, and my one week exchange in France, I became more indipendent and responsible. At school I have been elected twice class president, in this way I gained leadership skills. I'm participating at the ''Erasmus+: Active EU Citizenship'' project, where I gained good communication skills, such as mediation and intercultural understanding.
I have a particular interest in photography, classic literature, history, politics and art.

Working in a foreign country would be valuable for both my studies and personal developement. This opportunity will help me to improve my German language skills, to get to know better other cultures and meet new people. After all, efficient communication is the key to success, and only by communicating and interacting with people I can grow from the professional and personal point of view.

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