12 Nov 2017

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Question about English (UK)

In these sentences bellow I have to use correct words from this list ( affect boost make persuade pay sell) but I cant get the meaning well...Could you help me please? These words must be written in a Passive Voice.

a) Almost half of the shoes which_are sold_________in the United States these days
are trainers.
b) Nowadays major sporting superstars_are paid_________huge sums of money to
advertise products.
c) Sales of sports goods in general______?________by the interest in fitness and
running in the 80s and 90s.
e) Many parents_____?________to buy expensive top brands by their fashion-
conscious children.
f) Trainers and other goods______?_______in many contries.
g) Surprisingly, sales of trainers____?_______by the fact that they have
been a fashion item for so many years.

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English (UK)

English (UK)

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