13 Nov 2017

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I ran 12 miles in the morning. My apartment is 6 miles away from the beach, so go and return are 12 miles in total. I got up 5:00 in the morning and left home around 6:00. When I got to the beach, it was at exact sunrise time luckily. Some people were waiting and took sunrise photos on the beach. The beach itself was shining with reflection of sky because of the water remaining from tide down. It was very beautiful. The reason why I run is the full marathon next month. I have never finished full yet, so I am a little bit nervous. My friend told me that I can do it because I practiced so hard. I feel I need to run for long distance like 18 miles before the race to get enough confidence. does this sound natural?

Please advise and revise the story if there is unnatural sentence.
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