22 Nov 2017

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The first time I met this friend is in my thirteen years old, and we still keep a close relationship today. I've tried to give up this relationship, but I failed. Furthermore, If I leave it, I'm not going to see things clearly in most instances. This friend is my glasses.
I've always loved reading books and watching movies. Maybe for a teenager who is still at puberty, reading and watching movies too much in a dim light should be banned. It is indeed bad for her/his eyes. Although my glasses changes its appearance at intervals, its duty is fixed that is to correct my vision. Now, it has a fine pinkish-purple round frame, which is as big as half a palm. Its size is a little too big for me, especially after matching a pair of lenses it becomes heavier and rough on my nose. My lenses are made of polycarbonate, which features anti-fog and shatterproof protections. Lying on my deak, it looks a bit dirty because I have worn it for a long time.The lenses are not as shiny and transparent as they were at the new time.
As known to all, the eyes are the window of the mind. But my windows have to be fitted up glasses. How regretful I am now! How hard it is to end this painful friendship!
does this sound natural?

it's my homework of writing lecture, if there are some places cancorrect
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