2 Dec 2017

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Question about English (UK)

Please show me example sentences with Sprawdzi ktoś lub poprawi moje wypracowanie na temat nauki języków obcych? .
Tell me as many daily expressions as possible.

Survey about foreign languages

I recently moved a survey about foreign languages. I asked 30 peple. The most people were my age and a few older. I thank that this results are good.
For my first question about learning a second language 26 people aswered yes and 4 people answered no. Most people learn a second language.
5 people can speak more than 2 languages and 25 people can’t speak more than 2 languages. I think that this is a bad result. 14 people speak English outside class and 16 people don’t speak English outside class.
Internet and social media
When I asked about visiting websites in other languages, 18 people answered tweeters and 12 people said no. 20 people comment and write messages in another language and 10 don’t do it.
28 people listen to English songs but 2 people don’t do it. The majority listen to English songs.
Films and TV programmes in another language
23 people asked that they watch films and TV programmes in another language. 7 people don’t do it.
I think learning foreign languages is very important. You can talk to people from other countries, watch movies or TV programmes in a different language, read messages, books and do many other interesting things. The survey shows that many people learn foreign languages but there should be even more of them because it is very valid.

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