2 Dec 2017

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It was when I was working as a Marine in Baekryongdo.
As usual, I was protecting the air of Korea from North Korea as a first aid to the air base.

It was confirmed by watching with the naked eye that a North Korean plane was flying toward us while we were looking at the sky

I immediately called the emergency bell to spread the situation to the situation room, to board the vulcan, to track the North Korea's plane, and to wait for a command from the situation room.

The command room called for a warning shot of the North Korea's plane and fired two times of 30 - high explosive incendiary tracers into the Northern limit line.

It continued to come to us after that. So we had to fly helicopters and planes and load the mistral missile.

I was very nervous because I really thought there was a war going on.

We had to fire 1000 warning shots after North Korea's plane retreated back.

On that day, I was awarded a brigadier commendation and a four - night, five - day reward certificate as a contribution to discovering the North Korea's plane for the first time.

I will never forget that memory that day.
Thank you.
does this sound natural?

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