1 Mar 2015

Lithuanian English (UK) Near fluent
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Question about English (UK)

A- Hello, nice to meet you.
M- Hello, nice to meet you too. Come in please and have a seat. Could you tell me something about yourself please? And why do you want to be a french teacher?
A- Well I started to learn french at age 14. Right now I can speak french fluently. I love this language so much! I also studied this language at Vilnius university. I love kids and love to work with them.
M- Great! Do you know something about this school?
A- Yes, I do. This school has good ranking, here are 1000 students. I also heard that every year you are organising charity events for kids with disabilities! I'm very impressed about that.
M- Yes, we're trying to teach kids to share everything you have. The last question for you- why do you think you are the right person for this job?
A- Because I'm hard-working, patient, creative. I love to interact with children.
M- Good. Thanks for coming in. We'll be in touch before the end of the week. Goodbye!
A- Goodbye!
does this sound natural?

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