11 Dec 2017

Question about English (UK)


What do these expressions mean?
41. He likes to build castles in the air.
A) Hardworking B) Adventurous
C) Bold D) Unrealistic

42. She is always crying for the Moon.
A) Dreamy B) Crybaby
C) Impractical D) Smart

43. I don’t like that she washes her dirty linen in public.
A) Too talkative B) Moody
C) An introvert D) Hard working

44. He always calls a spade a spade.
A) A trickster B) Industrious
C) Trustworthy D) Truthful

45. He never loses his head.
A) Calm B) Accurate
C) Tolerant D) Brave

46. He often drops bricks in a company.
A) Tactless B) Good mannered
C) Tactful D) Well-behaved

47. I think he is a cocky person.
A) Modest B) Timid
C) Boastful D) Shy

48. He was on cloud nine after the exams.
A) Sad B) Happy
C) Indifferent D) Gloomy

49. I don’t like that he often hits people below the belt. He does something....
A) good B) pleasant
C) unfair D) unbelievable

50. When in trouble, he showed the white feather.
A) A liar B) A handsome man
C) A coward D) A brave heart

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