11 Dec 2017

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Can someone show me the mistakes in this text please?
Where to live is a highly controversial issue. Many people share the view that countryside is a better place to live because of the fact that life is peaceful, whereas the detractors argue that there are more opportunities in big cities.
First of all, when you live in the countryside, not only do you can enjoy the atmosphere or green mountains, the clear air and birds chirping, but also you do not have to worry about rush hour, pollution or noise.
Nevertheless, it is in cities where more odds can be found. For instance, there are several job offers and educational opportunities. Additionally, you can spend your leisure time doing different activities such as going to the cinema or theater, taking photography classes or music lessons, among other things. Last but not least, you can share your time with several kinds of people. This fact lets you have a broader view of the world.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no doubt that we do need to take into consideration the drawbacks and advantages of each place in order to make a successful decision.

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