12 Dec 2017

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Do these sentences sound natural?

One of my greatest strengths is that I am a curious person. In the life of the college, I will get opportunities to know about different cultures because I will live with many students from various coutries. With my curiosity, I would like to broaden my horizons through communicating peaple with various backgrounds and values. Especially, I'm interested in atitudes toward working. They could be different depending on cultures, values and societies. I'm willng to know more choices of my future I can choose after graduating from my university in Japan.
Another my strength is sociability. I'm not shy with strangers and could get along with almost everyone. With my strength, if there is a stuff between my friends in the college, I could intervene between two parties. Moreover, utilizing sociability, I'd like to develope a circle of friends and activately join events held in the college. In terms of study, I'm willing to deepen my kowledge by supporting each other with them.

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"What are your 2 main strengths and how would you utilize them in college?"
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