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12 Dec 2017

Question about Korean

How do you say this in Korean? "why did you change your user again?" | "i was tired of the previous one" | "oh.. i see. but i like the other one better" | "this one is a mix of the words 'Cinderella' and 'nim'. i'm in love with my new user"

two friends of line were talking this in a group on Twitter in such a Korean friend of mine is part of too. once my Korean is very basic i cant translate this chat into a natural written Korean. could you please make it sound natural so she can understand exactly what the other 2 girls were talking between them? thanks

by the way, they were talking about Twitter users, you know? for example, the url, the user is SHINee

"but i like the other one better"" = it's the same to say "i prefer the previous one, the other one you were using before this current one"

informal/written Korean, please
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