12 Dec 2017

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could you please tell me if there are any mistake in this writtin??
There is no doubt that the fact of being in a pleasant atmosphere in a job improves the motivation of the employees and encourages their creativity and productivity. Many studies about psychology are the indisputable proof of it. But it is not easy to achieve that. Actually the employers have to take care of many different aspects. Here we have some ideas to ensure the happiness and the motivation of the employees during their working day.
Personally, I believe that the employees should feel that they are part of a team which is working for a shared objective. That would improve the willingness in the workers to learn, work and make an effort to do their job the better they can.
In light of that, I consider that one of the most important aspects to bear in mind is the communication between the workers and with the bosses. To have a good relation with fellows is a key fact to achieve the good development of the project.
In addition, another fact that we can´t fail to mention is the existence of breaks. It has been shown that having long journeys in the job damages the productivity of the employees. Since that, many notorious companies have established spaces where their workers can rest.
All in all, we can conclude that the most important aspects to consider if we are looking for the right development of the project in a company and the motivation of the employees are: In one hand, to ensure the integration of all workers. Besides, the guaranty of reconcile the journeys of work with their lives.

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