23 Dec 2017

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Can someone show me the mistakes in this text please?
Tourism is one of the main industries in the worldwide. Many people share the view that this industry supports the social and economic development, whereas the detractors argue that it can affect the identity of the small countries,
First of all, as a rough rule of thumb, tourism contributes to the increase of the economy. When tourists visit places, not only do they know the place they are visiting, but also they invest their resources into supplies such as food and accommodation during their trip.
Some tourists can bring their own costumes to the place they visit. Nevertheless, if the community has staunch roots, they are able to maintain their principles whilst showing the world what their traditions are and what makes them special to visit.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no doubt that tourism is beneficial to the communities. Not only does it allow the economic growth, but also shields the identity of countries.

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