23 Dec 2017

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Question about English (UK)

can you help me please?
find the same meaning in the sentences.
choose a,b or c

19. An increase in the VAT on all products or excise duties on particular products such as petrol
or cigarettes will result in lower purchasing power.
a) If the value added tax on certain products such as petrol and cigarettes rise, it will lead to
the fall of spending power.
b) An increase in the value added tax on most goods or excise duties on some goods such as
petrol and cigarettes is the result of lower purchasing power.
c) A drop in taxes on definite products (e.g. petrol and cigarettes) will lead to lower
purchasing power.
20. The government can change its own expenditure to affect spending levels as well.
a) The government is allowed to spend a lot of money.
b) The government must fix its expenses to influence purchasing power.
c) The government is able to review its own expenses to alter the level of consumption.
21. A cut in purchases of products or capital investment by the government can reduce total
spending in economy.
a) A decrease in quality of products and capital investment can make the government review
total spending in economy.
b) Either a decrease in purchases of products or capital investment by the government might
result in lower purchasing power in economy.
c) Only a drop in goods purchased by the government can dramatically change total
spending in economy.

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