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23 Dec 2017

Question about United States

Hi everyone!

It may be extremely complicated, but I was reallycurious about Pure American ancestry, here are the possibilities based on my observation.

1. American ancestry generally one with multiple amounts of ancestry predominantly around Europe and/or indigenous (Native Americans)
2. One's ancestors arrived from one country say country A but never had one whose spouse is only country A.
3. After the American Revolution, one only married other from the same country.
4. One who settled from Europe and one's great-great-......-great grandkids had forgotten the old culture and switch to new one which is American regardless of descent.

I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and so the common ancestry must be Scots and Irish along with Africans (mainly west side, like Ghana) (since southern regions have many blacks). Largest ancestry in the USA is Germans which is why we had Oktoberfest as an American celebration along with Germany.

Anyone can help me, I say mainly (1) due to the complicated history of mixed descents. The USA is the largest melting pot country in the world is the reason.

here are the quotes from Business Insider

19,911,467 Americans

A large number of people claim American ancestry, either as a political statement or because their pre-American ancestry is mixed or uncertain. This is particularly common in the South.


In general, those who are born in say Country A with a mixed descent of Country B, C, D, E, F and G and even more are considered to be a Country A citizens.

Thanks for your time!

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