24 Dec 2017

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​‎I translated my opinion into English as you can see below. Please correct it if there are some wrong or unnatural expressions.

I think children should spend a part of each day helping family members with household chores for the following reason.

Helping their family can be a good learning experience for the children. Working like their parents can help them learn what it is like to work for their families and this is an extremely important process for them to grow up. For example, when I was seven years old, I used to think it was commonplace for my parents to work for me and did not thank to them. What is worse is that since they rarely buy what I wanted, I did not like them. I often had words with them and the atmosphere in my family was always bad. However, one cold day, I was asked to help my mother and reluctantly started to wash the dishes. The water was so cold that I could not wash more than four dishes. I thought how patient my mother is to do this everyday. Since then, I started to thank to my mother and help her. What is more is that we quarreled less and less. It can be seen from this example that when children help their families, they can learn the hardships to do household chores and it generate gratitude to them, improving atmosphere in their families.

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