24 Dec 2017

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Would you teach me the meaning of "I was up doing other calls anyway." in the context below. The sentences are quoted from "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" by Carver.

The speaker is a doctor. One day, an old couple was taken to his hospital, having been injured seriously in a car accident. The doctor took care of them ...

"I dropped in to see each of them every day, sometimes twice a day if I was up doing other calls anyway. ...."

I'm guessing the sentence "I was up doing other calls anyway" means that "I was near them dealing with other calls whatever they were." Is this guessing right ?
I mean, does the word 'up' mean 'near them' , 'doing other calls' mean 'dealing with other calls' and 'anyway' mean 'whatever they were' ?

Would you help me, please ?

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English (US)

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