24 Dec 2017

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Question about English (US)

When at last a day came when I could be moved, I took my accustomed place on my sofa at the window, and the little maid saw me, and stood on her head (so to speak) and clapped her hands upside down with a delight that was as eloquent as my RIGHT-END-UP delight could be.

—Angela (An Inverted Love Story), by William Schwenk Gilbert

What does ‘right-end-up’ mean?

Context: ‘I’ am a paralyzed guy living in Venice, Italy. The ‘little maid’ is a girl living across the canal, whom ‘I’ take a romantic interest in. ‘I’ have a limited field of view due to the infirmity, so the communication between ‘us’ is through looking at each other’s reflection on the canal.

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