24 Dec 2017

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This design is in the European parrallel style.I have used a dark green designer dish and floral for the mechanics.For the height, I have used two placements lines, and The are grouped be when doing this type of flowers should arranged upright, but not in a vertical straight line.The should be staggered slightly, so that you end up a striped effect!The flowers should also be arranged upright one in front of the other, and NOT fanning forward.I have used two groups of blue Nepeta mussini Six Hills Giant', with a group of orange Roses on the left and peach standard Carnations on the right.In the centre, I have used a group of green spray Chrysanthemums.The foliage is grouped and layered, and I have used Hedera colchica Sulphur Heart, Hedera helix 'Buttercup, Rubus tricolor, and Hosta Revolution'.Finally, I have added a few strands of lime-green sal for added texture and colour repetition

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