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25 Dec 2017

Question about English (UK)

Do these sound natural?
- Do u have anything to wear?
- Do u have something to ask?
- I've already been to Japan too.
- I told you not to shout or scream at the chickens.
- Prove that I'm wrong.
- Believe me I will.
- How are you gonna prove that to me.
- Prove me that I'm wrong.
- What is it called?
- That's what it's called here.
- That's what they call here.
- What is mine, is all mine.
- Did u enjoy watching films?
- Enhancing my english skills.
- Learning photography.
- Learning fashion styles.
- Learning fight moves.
- Buying branded things.
- Positive thinking.
- Does the picture look good even there are dresses around?
- After 15 years of waiting, the papers from the embassy of the USA have finally arrived.

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