25 Dec 2017

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Hi, this is a bit personal, but I can’t do in other way : I’m writing a letter to a very good korean friend. We’re talking in english, but I would like to write to him in korean for once, except I’m WAY NOT good enough to write what I wanted to say. So here I am, hoping you guys could help me. I really want to say this to him in korean. Thanks.

Thank you. I had a very good time with you. I’m glad I met you.
There’s something I want to say. The « Me » you met, wasn’t the real Me. It’s not a Me I show a lot. I don’t know why I was like this with you, maybe because of our difference of language, I couldn’t be totally myself. Sorry. You met the wrong Me. A little stupid and not very interesting.
But, I want to announce you that I will learn korean better, and very hard, to express the real Me in a language you will totally understand. I hope to show you the real Me, less boring and more crazy and interesting, which I am usually, in 6 months when I will come to South korea.

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