25 Dec 2017

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Can someone show me the mistakes in this text please?
Achievement of goals for countries is a highly controversial issue. Many people share the view that economic progress is by far the main purpose for governments, whereas the detractors argue that other fields should not be overrated.
As a rough rule of thumb, economic growth is vital for the development of a country. First of all, not only does it allow the increase of job opportunities, but also a better lifestyle can be afforded to the citizens. Additionally, more resources can be assigned to enhance infrastructure and public services. Last but not least, countries could have a better position in politic terms.
Nevertheless, governments must take measurements to address social problems that can affect the whole community. How the resources are invested is crucial because fields such as education, environment also play an important role in society.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no doubt about the importance of economic growth to countries. Albeit, governments do need to take into consideration social growth in order to have a balanced structure.

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