26 Dec 2017

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Can someone show me the mistakes in this text please?
Compulsory homework for children is a highly controversial issue. Many people share the view that the fact that children do homework at home is beneficial, whereas the detractors argue that this is an unnecessary burden on children.
First of all, as a rough rule of thumb, homework is given to children by teachers in order that they bolster what they have learned. This is profitable for students not only does it allow that they enhance their knowledge, but also that they will be aware of the importance of Independence.
Nevertheless, children must have leisure time to dedícate to their hobbies. Playing fosters the improvement of social skills such as courtesy, solving problem and empathy. For this reason, it is crucial that they do not be crammed with duties.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no doubt that homework has more advantages than drawbacks, yet teachers do need to take into consideration that for an appropriate development children must have enough time to do other activities in order to have a balanced lifestyle.

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