19 Jan 2018

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​​This article is about public school system free lunch for all child.
The program of free lunch ensures that more children will get proper nutrition during the school day.
Three quarters of New York City school children had already right for free or reduced-price lunches.
But because of their humiliation for their parents can’t par for lunch money, sometimes children don’t demand their lunch. And school lunch system make child should ask to for their parents to get lunch money.
And what more, some schools actually deny meals to older students who cannot pay. Many children who can get free lunch couldn’t get because of their cruel policies.
Missing meals and experiencing hunger lead to children lost their ability to learn and achieve. And Children should take enough nutrition for their good bring up.
We understood the importance of food. So we will manage the system for free lunch for all children

Is this natural? If not teach me how to say !!

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